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Of course, we might be tempted to think about the - now - Tokyo 2021 Olympics at first. And we should! Just that, on top of all the fun and excitement that we may associate the event with, we shall keep in mind that the games are being held in the summertime. Therefore, we'd like to dedicate this article to everyone that will be travelling to Japan next year to see the games. We would like to ensure that you are well prepared for the hot and humid Japanese weather, and above everything, be as safe and comfortable as possible, so that you can truly enjoy the games.

The Olympics will be held between the 23rd of July - 8th of August 2021. Last years’ temperatures within this period have reached 32 - 36° C (89.6 - 96.8° F) during the day / 20 - 26° C (68 - 78.8° F) at nighttime. [1] And let’s not forget about the energy, intense emotions, and agitation that such events bring about – add that to the temperatures above and do the maths. So in order to make your life easier, we have prepared a checklist, providing tips and explaining certain aspects that you’ll be discovering during your stay in Japan. Most of those tips you’d have already encountered so many times, it’s rather annoying to see them at this point, but a good reminder and maybe some new insights – all backed up by science – might help out when packing your bags, and even after your arrival!


Your liquids intake should be based on your body weight, but as a general guideline, try to aim for the recommended 2 litres a day. Try to avoid plastic bottled water or beverages as, especially in the heat / sunlight, these release harmful chemicals that could affect our long-term health and the environment, after being disposed. Even more, Japan tap water is safe to drink, so try to carry around a thermos and refill it. Also, for every cup of alcohol or higher caffeinated drink (e.g., coffee, energy drinks, black tea) you should drink one cup of water in order to avoid dehydration. [2] Lastly, avoid sugary and frizzy drinks as these tend to dehydrate us.

caffeine intake


Whether liquid or powdered, we advise opting for an SPF of 50 if you plan on staying outdoors a lot. Don’t forget to apply your sun protection 30 minutes prior to going outside and reapply every 2 hours! This is very important as, not only temperatures, but also the UV Index in Tokyo are very high during the summer. UV rays increase your risk of skin damage (e.g., burning, premature ageing) and skin cancer. [3] [4]

uv index tokyo


Thankfully, you can buy ice at any ‘combini’ // コンビニ (i.e., 'convenience store') such as FamilyMart, 7Eleven, etc. Yes, actual ice. And ice cream as well!

ice cream


These are a life saver!!! Enjoy the breeze!

portable fan


As we sweat, our body eliminates plenty of salts and minerals so make sure you maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Aim for light meals so that you don’t overwork your digestive system and lose energy this way. So try to avoid sugary foods and drinks, as well as highly refined products. These being said, enjoy the delicious Japanese food! The word 'oishii' // 美味しい might turn out to be useful!

japanese food


Despite being very hot, considering the uncertainty revolving around the current COVID-19 matter, you might want to consider having some face masks available and using them in situations that you assess to be needed. Just as important, as there will be significant ques in certain areas, it would be advisable to carry around hand sanitisers, in the potential absence of alternatives.

face mask and sanitizer


In Eastern Asian countries, it is not uncommon to see people walking down the streets with an umbrella on a hot, sunny day. This is because such measure is a way to shelter oneself from the sun – which is not something generally practiced in Western cultures. Keep in mind that these umbrellas are special for blocking UV rays, and differ from the rainy days’ umbrella. With the increasing awareness of the dangers brought by sun exposure, it is very important that we do everything we can so as to protect ourselves.

uv umbrella


Body temperature decreases during sleep. In order to fall asleep, our bodies need to cool down. “Sleep usually begins when the rate of temperature changes and body heat loss is maximal”. We reach the lowest point just before waking up. [7] And as you’d need a lot of energy throughout the day, aim to sleep at least 6-8 hours a night. Sleep is amazing so why not! It will sure enhance the quality of your trip!

sleep mask


For your best comfort, opt for non-synthetic materials like cotton or silk, and avoid dark colours as these absorb much more heat than lighter ones – choose white, pastels, etc. Don’t forget to bring your lightest, most comfortable footwear, and just as important, accessories such as sunglasses, hats / caps, and small towels, shall always be kept near. You should also consider that Japan is a more conservative country, in which case it would be better to avoid wearing very revealing clothing.



Avoid cold showers. Although our first instinct would be to cool down with cold water, in reality this is only a short-term solution that has the opposite effect in the long run. Cold temperatures shrink pores, preventing sweat from leaving our bodies and evaporating, which is what actually cools us down. [5] [6]

warm showers


In case of a medical emergency or fire, please call 119 from any telephone device available – mobile / home / public. [8]

emergency contact japan


useful japanese phrases

So this was our checklist! We hope that you will find these tips useful throughout your journey. Please share in the comments section below if you think we might have omitted tips that could be useful.


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