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Through this blog, we aim to share the experiences of young athletes across the globe, so as to blur out the borders within the sports world!


Sunbears is the latest drill creation app, enabling 3D visualisation, scheduling, and real-time team statistics. // 3Dドリルアニメーション、練習記録、プロ監修の戦術ドリルを組み込んだ、コーチの為のドリル作成アプリ。



Our story began when we met a top ice hockey team director. On our first encounter, we discussed about the lack of advanced scorebook tools for ice hockey teams. We knew that at the time, any available tools were very expensive and had limited functionalities.

Driven by our passion for sports, particularly ice hockey, we have made it our goal to contribute to the development of the sports world, as we could relate to the needs of coaches and players. As a result, we have assembled a team of experienced software engineers from all over the world – all of which love and enjoy playing ice hockey. Our engineers' expertise, along with the cooperation of coaches and industry professionals helped us bring Sunbears to life. Currently, our Sunbears project has extended beyond ice hockey, and provides new platforms for basketball, soccer, futsal and rugby. This development initiative is part of our main mission – to help sports teams optimize their everyday activities and enhance their overall performance.

In order to accomplish our mission, we strive for 'KAIZEN' // 
改善 (i.e., 'improvement') – hence, actively engaging in innovation activities and constantly considering any business areas that could be enhanced – from the development of our systems to the training and well-being of our team – we believe that this is the key to delivering products of the highest quality.

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