Our Culture, Values and Purpose




We believe that, in this digital era, IT can be used to connect people, just as much as to help enhancing ‘craftsmanship’ (i.e., ‘shokunin’ // 職人) within the sports world, through professional skills, such as coaching and training. Through our training software and digital platforms presence, we hope to achieve greater connectivity from which the sports community can benefit from.  



Diversity and Collaboration – At Sunbears, we built a family-like atmosphere, where we embrace our backgrounds and encourage sharing distinct ideas and opinions that help us broaden our perspectives and grow together, within a fun, safe, non-judgemental environment.

Education – We believe that education is a pillar of all socio-economic fields, therefore, we work towards building a widely accessible platform which will be able to grow itself in time, providing the right learning materials to the right audience. Through this, we work towards blurring the barriers and exclusivity of the sports world.

'Kaizen' // 改善 (i.e., continuous improvement) We welcome change, innovation, and challenges with open arms, constantly bring forth new ideas, with great endeavour of experimentation and endless curiosity.

Integrity and Responsibility – We are constantly engaged in understanding where we stand, what is our responsibility within the fields of sports and technology, and how to fulfil our duties. Just as much, we believe in the responsibility to contribute to society for the generations to come.



Our mission is to establish a ‘Cloud Campus for Sports’ where we can share free or affordable educational resources. Likewise, we want to provide our members with a platform for building connections that can benefit their professional lives and create a network through which we support each other.

Through Sunbears, our vision is to connect sports spirit across the world and contribute to forming a more widely accessible environment for the sports community.



Sunbears is brought to you in collaboration with ITware, and is comprised by an international team of professionals, within the fields of Sports, IT, Marketing & Advertising, PR, and Management – based across Japan, Taiwan, Hungary, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Brazil.

Along our main collaborators – Sports Safety Japan, Bring Up Athletic Society, Toyo University Ice Hockey Club, and Kokugakuin Kugayama Basketball Team – we aim to form a thriving, safe, and inclusive sports community that sports enthusiasts can share, learn, and teach one another. Learning and growing together is the main purpose behind our Cloud Campus for Sports. Since we're building a community, we focus not only on coaches and managers, but on any athletes with the purpose of continuous improvement, regardless of proficiency level or position.



Whether for the young or the senior sports professionals, Sunbears is meant not only to assist your team performance management, but also to connect you with the sports community. We aim to connect more professionals, while setting our focus on the ‘people’ instead of the ‘business’.

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