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Masatoshi Hiroura is the CEO within the Sunbears project. He is proud to have formed a team and be working alongside head coaches, professors in university, international developers and creators, all who are really professionally involved into Sunbears, sharing a common vision - to form a ‘Cloud Campus for Sports’ - a platform that can benefit sports education within the generations to come.

Among many exciting and memorable times amongst the team and collaborators, his favourite moment was walking in the Oze National Park, in Japan.


As a "Co-Father" of Sunbears, his main roles are of Software and Business Developer, Innovator, and Leader. He is motivated by the drive to constantly create and improve, while being part of a team where transparency and friendship are the main ingredients, and at the same time, our key to success.

Attila enjoys electric unicycling, especially for the adrenaline it brings into daily life. Just as much, he loves traveling, reading, ice skating during winters, and contributing to environmental matters. More so, he sees his work as a hobby in itself.


Within FBTriangle, Zoe is the Visual Content Producer, and also actively contributing to our Branding initiatives. Accidentally became the leader of the girl's Marketing Team of Sunbears.

Zoe loves nothing but thinking stuff, imagining stuff, and also, watching travel and food videos in her warm cosy room. She's also a composer and video producer with dance companies globally.


Corina joined the Sunbears team as an intern a year ago and is now working as a Marketing Executive, with several PR and Branding duties. She enjoys the warm and radiant atmosphere of the team, and finds the Sunbears 'kaizen' // 改善 (i.e., 'continuous improvement') approach to be a real motivation!

She loves discovering the world through as many ways possible, and particularly enjoys cooking, maintaining an active lifestyle, along with researching into health, nutrition, psychology, and philosophy.


Translator, Content Creator in charge of Sunbears App Tutorials, also managing our YouTube channel. Yuriko admires that, despite our team's diverse career and cultural backgrounds, as well as our individualities, everyone is always keen to cooperate and maintain a warm atmosphere.

Alongside her current roles, she's got a background in dancing and massage therapy, and loves making delicious and pretty cookies in her spare time.


Alice is responsible for Google Ads and Analytics, as well as for introducing Sunbears to new clients and reaching out for potential customers. She sees the Sunbears team as a melting pot - genderless and cross nationalities, all members being equal and willing to share their true feelings and thoughts. She enjoys brainstorming together and spreads so much love within the team.

Alice is a person who physically lives in the big city, but is mentally jazzing in the mountains. Passionate in all kinds of interaction with people and loves to share stories.


Software Tester of Sunbears, also responsible for creating various and original drills, which she greatly enjoys. These can be found within our Drills Library!

Feyza is happy to be a part of the team because of the constant, hands-on learning opportunities and chances to gain more experience while also having fun!


Translator, Customer Service in Japanese, also in charge of Google Ads. Having joined Sunbears in September 2020, Kumi has found the team unique, with a challenging spirit and global collaborative working environment. Her favorite Sunbears’ value is “to contribute to society for the next generations”.

Kumi recently moved to San Francisco after spending 20 years mostly in Asia with a profession in management, editing and writing. “It’s never too late to learn” is one of her favorite quotes. She enjoys the healthy life in California and is planning to adopt a dog to explore natural landscapes together.

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