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Feeling Tired Lately?

CHECK THESE 4 KEY FACTORS THAT CAN HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS As late spring brings about changes in weather, our bodies are also going through a transition phase, when it is especially important to take care of our health. It is not uncommon to feel more tired these days, while we are adapting to the new climate.  So if you tend to feel more tired than usual, just review the list below to see what you need to pay attention to, in order to improve your energy levels. SLEEPING PATTERNS Perhaps the most important is to ensure we maintain a consistent and fulfilling sleeping schedule. Not getting adequate sleep regularly has been associated with the main health challenges of our times: heart disease, hypertension, stroke, weight gain, diabetes, and dementia. Sufficient Sleep – The misconception that we need to limit our sleep so as to fit in all of our plans and responsibilities is still prevalent within most societies. Contrastingly, the consensus across contemporary studies co

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