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How May a Seasonal Diet Benefit Us?

  As we’ve stepped into 2021, it is important to prioritise health and wellbeing, now more than ever, in order to stay strong through the transition to cold weather, diminishing the risk of illness. So let’s start the year with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, shan’t we?   In this article, we would like to remind everyone of a custom followed for many generations, which is starting to lose popularity in recent years, as a result of the fast contemporary living and the convenience culture. That is ‘seasonal eating’ //  季節の食事   (i.e., the practice of consuming foods that are at their ripest stages and that are specific within a certain season, within a given geographical area). Of course, seasons and resources vary depending on each country, hence, certain points may differ accordingly. This article will focus on four seasons regions, however, most points presented throughout the article remain valid regardless of location and associated differences.   Now, let’s move on to the be

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