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Keeping Up with Rugby Players' Diets

Within a previous article, we introduced ACS Tomitanii Constanța – Romanian professional rugby club. Through the contributions of our interviewees – Adrian Ion, Ngoni Chibuwe, and Ionuț Coman – along with additional academic and practical research, we aim to highlight the versatile nature of rugby players’ diets and the factors by which these are influenced, revealing some useful and even unexpected findings. So what have we learnt? BODY TYPEBody types impact individual characteristics and needs. A system through which body types are categorised is the somatotype, differentiating between three main elements: 'ectomorphic', 'mesomorphic', and 'endomorphic'. Falling in between one of these three somatotypes is common, considering the world's broad and highly diverse population.
Moving on, an example of how nutritional needs vary with body type denotes from our players’ answers. Ionuț who falls close to the ectomorph side – observed that reducing meat consumpt…

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