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Rhythmic Gymnastics in Europe

INTERVIEW WITH LITO ALEXIOUToday we had the opportunity to interview Lito Alexiou, a half-Greek, half-Australian former rhythmic gymnast, currently living in the UK, where she has recently completed her degree in Business and Marketing, at Coventry University. We have decided to expand our horizons and explore not just a different team sport, but also another geographical area, and learn more about sports in Europe.Q: How long have you been practising sports?A: I didrhythmic gymnasticsfor 15-16 years. When I started university I was a cheerleader for one year, and now I am doing circus training for the past two years.Q: What inspired you to start practising rhythmic gymnastics?A: My parents wanted me to practice a sport, so they allowed me to try out different options and decide for myself. Rhythmic gymnastics was the first sport I’ve tried. I really liked it, so I’ve decided to pursue it.Q: What did you like most about rhythmic gymnastics?A: I really enjoy stretching and how discipli…

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