What's It Like Being a Team Manager?


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In this article, we would like to introduce Yuka Yamase, the manager of Toyo University Ice Hockey Club. She is an ambitious fresher with a past background in figure skating, who has just recently joined the ice hockey club.
This blog update will provide insight into her responsibilities as a team manager, as well as her personality, motivations and aspirations. So if you are considering taking initiative to volunteer for any similar role or are just curious about what her tasks and activities consist of, please follow us throughout this article.


Starting off with her responsibilities, her main aim is to provide players support during games and practice sessions. This involves being present up to 5 days a week, depending on each season, including travelling to Dydo Drinco Ice Arena, in Nishi-Tokyo, where most training sessions take place.
After matches, aspects such as ensuring food is supplied to players, attending post-game meetings, and joining hangouts are also part of her activities. Even more, she contributes to informing supporters about the team’s journey by creating and posting social media and homepage updates.

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Now that we know what her responsibilities are, let’s find out more about her background!


Q: What inspired you to start practising figure skating?
A: Watching Mao Asada from the Vancouver Olympics 2010 has inspired me a lot.


Q: How did you use to prepare for performances?
A: I would focus on staying in good shape.


Q: How do you think figure skating has impacted your day to day life?
A: It has taught me a lot about manners.


Q: What was your main goal in regards to figure skating?
A: It was going to perform within The High School National Championship in Japan.


Q: What did you do in order to pursue this goal?
A: I would try to always make an effort, even if it was small. In time, that has helped me out so much.


Q: What motivated you to become the manager of the ice hockey club?
A: Practising figure skating until the end of high school has determined me to choose the ice hockey club, as I felt a sense of connection with the sport, considering my background.


Q: What is the best part of being the team manager?
A: I have the chance to meet new people and have a lot of fun. Everyone is so energetic and funny. Most importantly, maintaining good relationships are being prioritised so it creates a nice, supportive environment.


Q: What do you like most about ice hockey?
A:  It's an intense sport with a lot of physical contact.


Q: What can you tell us about the ice hockey scene in Japan?
A: Ice hockey is currently a minor sport in Japan, I would really like it to gain more popularity in the upcoming years!


Q: What does the team do after winning a match?
A: Besides team meetings and celebrations, the current MVP chooses the next MVP. This way a balance is created within the team.


Q: What does the team do after losing a match?
A: In that case we focus on discussing with each other. There would be a meeting with the coaches that could last up to two hours in order to reflect on the situation, and learn from it.


Q: What brings the team together outside the ice rink?
A: When teammates are neither on ice, nor during classes, they usually prefer spending their time together having lunch or enjoying other meals.


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Thank you for your interest in this article! Within our next blog updates we will share insights into the ice hockey world from the players’ perspectives! Until then, please let us know more about the experiences you had while practising sports in your home country – at any level – whether professional or just for fun.


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